I AM Dr. (Mrs) Victoria CHinasa (‘Nasa) Jonathan-Ojei, nee Ugoala, a.k.a The Voice of African Corporate Dress

A Little About Me

Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria Chinasa (‘Nasa) Jonathan-Ojei, nee Ugoala (JP) (MCIPM, ACIPD, KPIP, BSCP) with experience across multiple discipline, people management, education, financial sector and non-governmental organization (NGO), commenced her working career with Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) Plc in 1993 and served in various roles including administration & operations before finding her niche in people management.

what people say about me

Chinasa is hardworking, dedicated, determined, and with a never -give-up personality. When she believes in a course, she doggedly pursues that course to a logical conclusion. She is diligent and caring but can be ruthless if you mess with her or what she holds dear. She is firm and optimistic and believes in the good of everyone. She holds dear her beliefs in promoting African attire in the work place. Chinasa is very strict and a completely no-nonsense kind of person while on the reverse she is fun-loving and young at heart. However her temperament sometimes portrays her as a very hard person to relate with. You need to know Chinasa very well to know that behind all that tough facade is a sweetheart.

Emily Ajisebutu

A few words that come to my mind when I think of Chinasa Jonathan-Ojei are brilliance, passion, persistence, hard work, tenacity and drive. Her love for excellence and living life to the fullest is evident in all her accomplishments so far. She is a pace setter and a source of inspiration to her generation and the generations behind her, especially to women. She is an economist, a banker, a human resource personnel, an advocate for changing the narrative of Africa, an author, a singer, a wife, a mother, a style icon and a lover of Christ. She has proven that it is indeed possible to be all and to have it all. I celebrate you now and always, thank you for being my inspiration.

Deacon Nonny Nwajie a.k.a DNN

I call her NASA and that makes so much meaning to me as I watch my wife do things she learnt from NASA. She is God fearing, puts God Almighty first in whatever she does (Mathew 6:33) The N in her name reflects her ‘Naturality’ and Neatness with making things out of nothing in any one who comes in contact with her A in her name means always Articulate and making finesse in her daily activity S in her name confirms her spiritual life and ready willingness to work towards pleasing her God in heaven and A authenticates her ability to believe tenaciously that if you can dream it you can equally achieve it Her life portrays Proverb 31 I am happy to identify with her in every aspect of her life. As the first born of her family with 7 siblings, she showed good examples to others and carries them along May God Almighty continue to bless you NASA

Dumebi Ugoala

Hmmmm Adannem is a no nonsense person, her ear does not hear bad grammar without her mouth saying it. She is too emotional, and a small thing makes her to cry. She can go the extra mile to make sure that her family is in peace.  She prays too much and likes fruits. She made me not to cook egusi soup, hahahaha. She likes vegetable and okro soup.


To make mine very short. Adannem is too commanding and authoritative. She goes for a goal and commits her last energy to achieve it. She also doesn’t give out Money easily in anything that will result to nothing. A real banker. Ndewo nnu wooo.

Nnamdi Isiocha

Yetachi is a goal getter. Always wanting us to be on the move to greatness. Excellent spirit. You get ready on time for any appointment. Never give up in pursuing a goal Hard to take no for an answer Finesse in events. Believes so much in Prayer Discerning spirit. Prevents bad occurrences rather than cure. Inside out feeling youthful. Lover of gospel music. These and more you are, Adannem.