Good morning Pastor Paul Adefarasin and thank you for the opportunity given to us to speak about the Think Africa Initiative.

 In 2001 God instructed me to inspire corporate Africa to create her dress code with African fabrics. Now, God must be delighted to see these patriots dressed in bright and smart corporate African attires.

 Clothing is an essential part of one’s identity and globally, the textile industry is a driver of growth and employment. God in His magnanimity gave Africa bright and beautifully designed fabrics to distract the sun rays and contrast with our dark skin to make us visible and the cotton texture to absorb heat. These are some of the many benefits of African fabrics and print materials.

 Think Africa is working to influence corporate Africa to adopt the use of African fabrics and allow their employees to include the African corporate dress code in their daily workwear and in their organization’s arts, crafts, gifts & decor. It’s our mission to promote our rich African heritage in the corporate world throughout Africa.

 There are many benefits to this idea, If corporate Nigeria and indeed Africa adopts the corporate African dress code, the demand for African fabrics will increase significantly, and considering the spending pattern of the corporate world on fashion, production will rise, more revenue will accrue to textile manufacturers and they will be able to fund independent power generation where the need arises, create more employment opportunities and the cycle will contribute to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

 Some years ago, Ghana in an attempt to keep the textile industry, celebrate their culture, preserve their identity and wear clothing made with the local fabrics launched the “National Friday Wear Programme” and later embarked on the “Everyday Wear” initiative. Today, Ghana boasts of one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. These types of initiatives are what Think Africa is asking Africa to embrace to make our culture visible and also sell the African brand to the world.

 Ladies & gentlemen, it’s another Independence Day celebration in Nigeria and we call on corporate Nigeria to adopt the African corporate dress code by allowing fashion styles created with Adire, Aso Oke, Akosombo, Akwete, Ankara, Batik, Bogolanfini, Ghana Textile Prints, Guinea Brocade, Kente, Printex, Woodin and other African fabrics and showcase African accessories on corporate gifts and interior decorations in their business premises.

 The actualization of Think Africa will resuscitate the textile industry, create job opportunities, curb crimes, inspire creative ingenuity, promote our identity, contribute to our recovering economy, and create enduring wealth.

 For a more Healthy and Wealthy Africa, Wear Africa, Give Africa & Decorate Africa!!!

 Thank you all for your support. Thank you Sir for giving the Think Africa initiative a voice today. And for more information, kindly visit our website and follow us on social media channels.

 Happy Independence Day Celebration Nigeria. My name is Chinasa Jonathan-Ojei