Praise God I am alive today, June 8, 2021 because God did not predestine that yesterday would be my last day on earth. I give Him praise. My right lung was attacked yesterday. I could not breathe well, I was in excruciating pain. It looked like there was a heavy load placed on my lung and the pain was really intense. Incidentally, the thought of my aged mother flooded my mind, yet I also thought about my relationship with God.

 Well, as much as I tried to sing during our family’s night devotion no sound came out of my trachea but pain and weakness. I could not also lead the Bible study.

 Glory to God that the topic of Open Heaven written months before came through for me. Psalm chapter 35:1 was the memory verse yesterday and as soon as I heard it read, I grabbed it and turned it to my prayer as Pastor Adeboye instructed,  “Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me”. Instantly strength returned gradually to my body. I got into the room and went on my knees praying and hallowing the Almighty God.

 Later the Holy Spirit guided me to study the rest of that chapter, and as I studied, much more strength came back to me, the pain disappeared and I slept off. 

  I have been made whole completely to the glory and honour of God, Hallelujah!!! Like the last two verses of Psalm 35 says, I want everyone of you who think the best for me to join me to shout over and over and over, “God is great – everything works together for good for His handmaiden.  ???