My Books

Books are a compendium of wisdom, knowledge, eye opening-brain racking information/experiences that can act as guiding light and catalyst to a purpose-driven life. 


The array of books here fit the above deductions and more, moreover they are written in simple and fluid language. These books are experiential, timely and easy for readers to identify with. For instance, the title, 360 Degrees Happiness in Marriage comes at a time when people are questioning the need for marriage, and divorce is on all-time high. The Loving Husband and the Beautiful Wife (whose damsel is this?) formed the Biblical foundations on which the practical book, 360 Degrees is written. But after reading these three books, the married will ask, ‘why didn’t I read this book earlier before now. Fine, the answer however is, ‘it’s not late to make amend’. 

Amamihe: Kpom Kwem! (Wisdom: Extraordinaire!) has become the reference material for motivational speakers and the wisdom nugget for the privileged few who have read it; when you chew through Predestined, you will learn to lean on God, fear and obey Him and enjoy abundance on all ramifications of life. In addition, the human management skills of supervisors, managers and the like will be enriched. 

My victory over fibroid, a disease that still deals deadly blow to most African women is captured in Overcoming the Monster called Fibroid, Let God sort it Out. It’s so captivating that once you start, you won’t drop it until you have devoured the ‘crust’.

Bigger Trouble for High Grounds is one-of-a-kind motivational book, yet, it can be used for weekly motivational. It has 52 chapters with prayers you can expand to touch heaven seven days of the week. You sure have not read its type before!

In 2013, the NGO I coordinate celebrated a decade of productive existence. The teenager face the dilemma of neither being a child nor an adult. They go through many changes and should be helped to navigate successfully. To help parents, guardians, teachers and the society in general to guide people in this age group appropriately, we reasoned that our ten years’ experience will make the difference. This gave birth to the book titled Balanced Parenting, the Partnership that Works. Trust my magnanimous writing style, in addition to core parenting, readers will gain knowledge on employment and job matters, counselling experience, and read things you didn’t know about Ben Carson and legendary Pa Obafemi Awolowo.

Then comes the book that causes mental adjustment program (MAP), African Fabrics & Arts for Corporate Africa: Our Identity, Unity & Economic Revival. This is fashion history at its best, what with my first hand interviews on textile and arts at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, arts centers in Accra, Abeokuta and Lagos, days of work with Arts Mama, Chief Nike Okundaye, and internet research! This work eventually led to the Think Africa Initiative (TAI), an initiative aimed at resonating the rich African heritage in our corporate world through the optimal patronage of African fabrics and arts to make smart Corporate African Dress Styles and subtle decorations. TAI enjoys success stories today.

These are cross-generational books.


Books Price List

  • All books are sold at ₦2,000

  • Fibroid – ₦600

  • African fabric – ₦3,500 (soft copy)

  • African fabric – ₦5,000 (hard copy)

Higher Grounds
Wisdom Extraordinaire
360 Degrees
The Loving Husband
Balanced Parenting
The Beautiful Wife