Children of God, if the spirit nudges you to do something, make sure you do it. On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, I returned home in the late hours of 5 to 6 p.m. not very happy because of a few things that happened earlier. But I heard in my spirit that I should sing praises unto God. I quickly had a bath and laid on my bed singing praise and worship songs to my Daddy, the Almighty God. Thank God I obeyed. Later that evening, before 8:00 pm, my brother-in-law called and broke the news of my sister’s accident to me. From his account of the accident and the time difference, the Holy Spirit got me to sing through the victory over Satan’s plan to take my sister’s life. Like Jehoshaphat raising praises that moved God to set ambushes against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, God moved mightily to quash the death sentence against my sister.  Hallelujah!!! Below is my sister, Udo’s account.

 For years now, I realized that the months of April, May, and September had been a tempting period for my family so I vocalized it to my family and friends that we should be watchful in prayer and not be afraid of any of these months. From the 28th of April, I started feeling strange to the extent that I couldn’t do the usual routine of going to clean the church on Mondays. I continued to pray and even took some pain relievers. I found myself very strong on Tuesday, May 4. My husband and I decided not to drive in the same car to work, so I headed out for work after prayers. However, I planned to go to somewhere earlier and thereafter go to work. So after the appointment, I hit the road towards my office.” I drove to the main road at 35m/hr, slowly being cautious of the mileage. As it’s normal, I was concentrating on the straight lane and didn’t see any car coming from the road beside at an interjection (Note: the road on my right side had a Stop Sign for vehicles from that side), all I heard was a loud noise KPOOOWA. It didn’t occur to me that it was on my car, yet, I started shouting Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! In that minute, I saw myself in my car twisted round and heading towards a big tree. A voice said, “Close your eyes and die”. There and then, I voiced out loud Nooo, Jesus I will not die! Have your way! Immediately with my eyes widely open, I saw a cloud around me that pushed me down, within that minute I was contemplating if I should use my brakes or not. Then when I said, Jesus have your way, the car stopped at the left side of the opposite street beside the big tree. I was at peace and I remembered the word that kept ringing in my ears throughout the week, “I will give you a shock (a miracle that will blow your mind, as it now is). So I was calm in my car and as I tried to check myself, I saw smoke from my dashboard and a voice said, “Are you going to sit here and get burnt”? Immediately I turned off my ignition, pulled my keys, opened my car door, and stepped out. People around and the Police on duty at the area asked if I was okay. I said yes because I serve a living God who answers the prayer of His daughter, so am okay. I heard the crying voice of the young lady that hit me shouting ‘oh ma God, I don’t mean to kill her, it’s my fault, I hit her. Please check and make sure she’s alive’. I waved at her to come, she got up and hugged me, sobbing on my chest, I tried to console her. I told her that I serve a living God that will not allow me to die or get hurt. Brethren, all the airbags busted and the windscreen shattered as you can see from the picture. The Police have considered the car totaled (this gives a picture of how wrecked the car is).

 Then the ambulance took us to different hospitals. Satan was still angry.  A well-known hospital in North Carolina I was taken to couldn’t have the patience to monitor my health condition overnight. After their X-rays and CT scan, they discharged me late at night.  I came to the hospital with a BP of 197/128. Never had raised BP so I begged them to care for my blood pressure. By God’s intervention, it reduced to 141/90 but I went home in severe pain. The hospital said I should take pain pills with muscle relaxants, and see my Primary Health Physician after three days. I got home and because of the excruciating pain, I crawled upstairs to bed. Woke up on Wednesday in great crampy pains from waistline to my heart. Not knowing anything going on within me. My Pastor and the wife came in and seeing me groaning in great pain offered to take me to a nearby hospital, I refused. I endured throughout Wednesday. My husband was also groaning with me as I was enduring all.

 Thursday morning, I woke up for morning prayers and opened my cloth to see my right side of the stomach turned purple-black. My mind went to internal bleeding. After prayers, a sister from my church came in, I showed her my tummy, she shouted and immediately wanted to call 911 but because my husband was not around, we had to wait till he returned. We did when he came in. This hospital repeated the X-rays and CT scans and saw that I was bleeding in my stomach, my liver was bruised and my spine was fractured. L1. Quickly, I was admitted and they commenced treatment. God manifested Himself and my healing taking place rapidly. Everyone that saw the accident asked if the driver made it. It was only my small finger that had a cut that bled externally. Aside from this, there was no other open wound. One thing I know is that by the stripes of Jesus Christ, I was healed. I give Him glory.

 Brethren, the Spirit of God helped me to intercede at the nick of time through praise and worship on behalf of my sister, and God took absolute control. The Almighty God inhabits the praise of his people. Below are the pictures of the accident. Please I want everyone to join me to honour the King of kings, the Lord of lords, our Way-maker our Safety and Security, our Beautiful Father whose mind is full of our welfare!  To him alone I give all the glory, all the honour and adoration now and evermore. I appreciate God because what He allows us to receive in House on the Rock prepares us to triumph in every circumstance. PP had emphasized in the past that we must build a praiseful life. We can conquer like Jehoshaphat and the Judeans through praise and worship. Paul and Silas praised the glory of God into their situation. Hallelujah!