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You are one of the strongest and bravest people I know. Your outlook to life is amazing. You bring out the best in the rest of us. My sister, as I call you, you inspire me, challenge me in life. You really seem to know who you are, I admire that, and I know others do too. You became our teacher, you have taught us so many beautiful things – you teach us about Bible and Jesus, our Lord. You have the best sense of style; you have an amazing creative personality. You are a gift to everyone you meet. Whenever we make mistakes, you fix it and always forgive us. You comfort and guide us. You’ve got great leadership skills, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We thank God. We appreciate you – you are the best. We love you, always happy, stay blessed and healthy.



I met Chinasa about 15 years ago in a TV studio during the recording of Patito’s Gang. It was her high intellectual disposition, her care for people and nation that brought us together. She believes so much in African cum Nigerian culture which made her to become a promoter and champion or what I may call a culture ambassador. I make bold to call her Nigeria and Africa culture ambassador. She is also an intellectual salamander. She is one person that believes in respect for human dignity or human person and the exercise of the rights of the citizens. I have also interacted with her in the work place and I found her very diligent, ethical, hardworking and knowledgeable. It was her love for advocacy that led her to establish an NGO to empower the young and less privileged in the society. I’m proud to serve on the board of that NGO she set up. I celebrate you as you move on to the next phase in your life, from a meritorious service to your organization in particular and Nigeria in general. The world awaits your kind heartedness and intellectual sagacity. Congratulations!!!

Dr. Austin Nweze

(Lecturer, Pan-Atlantic, Business Consultant, Conference Speaker, Member of board of several companies)

I am really delighted to have been a good friend of Mrs. Chinasa Jonathan-Ojei for over twenty years. ‘Nasa is a great woman with many parts. She is a great Leader and a dependable Team player. We have worked together in several committees of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. She has high degree of integrity, responsibility and very proactive. Her Communication skills is superb. She is dependable, responsible, and honest with sound family background. Chinasa as HR expert mentored and coached many young people to success. She is a writer, a great event planer/executor, wonderful mum to her twins, a great sister, a loving friend who loves so unconditionally. She is indeed a woman of substance. Chinasa also has great sense of humour and there is no dull moment when she is around, very friendly and hospitable. Above all she is a devoted child of God. She loves the youths and always has a place in her heart and itinerary for teenagers. She has touched my life as a friend and she became a sister. Her advice and counsel have led to making me who I am today. She is indeed a rare Gem.

Nkeiru Adesogan: National Treasurer, CIPM

The adage says “your clothed nakedness is nothing but the human value” This is what I have experienced in the Mummy Nasa I know. About a decade ago, I met this fine woman, not knowing her, I still went ahead to open up myself to her, telling my crises at the time when she barely knew me too. “Kayode, I believe God will do it great” she said. From that moment, Mummy Nasa will not care about my background, will not care to know whose son I am, will not care to know where I’m coming from, will only care about how to push Kayode beyond the limit. The Mummy Nasa I know will beg you to please ride on her back “if only you children know how long I begged to get these people, you will never joke with these opportunities” she’ll say when any household name comes around. Personally, if in 11 years, I have gone through a rebirth by a woman who believes she can close her eyes and trust that I’ll deliver in any task saddled with, A woman who allowed God use her to lift me away from asking “what will the nearest future hold for me?” to “hi! How may I come in so we can solve this problem?” When everyone said there was no need, Mummy Nasa believed in God for me; When I was in the middle of a 10-hour battle between Boko Haram and the Nigerian Army, it took just her to consistently call, despite network failure. Mummy Nasa used the push and pull factor to grab me 3 scholarships, but why? Integrity personified: She was asked, “How much should you get from this?” She responded “please give him everything ooo…” I said, “Mummy, the distance is much!” Then she said “Kayode, start coming! You don’t know what God wants to do!!!” Mummy Nasa has groomed me, salvaged me, mentored me, mothered me, encouraged me and placed my hands on goals, mind on purpose and eyes on vision… she has my interest at heart. I, Olukayode Benjamin Ogedengbe will both in my closet and public space, never cease to rate this illustrious woman of stature, radiant and savvy, elegant and poised, dignity personified with integrity as a watchword, mother of teens of high quality and I pledge my continual indulgence to her course and vision. I celebrate the grace of God upon you, Mamma You will continue to remain a valued cloth over my nakedness, a figure of value and a gemstone I cherish. This milestone journey will only but end in a great posterity in Jesus name.

Kayode Ogedengbe

I call her my mother of no regrets. A lot of people pass through our lives and sometimes we are blessed to have gems go through life with us. 30 years after high school, she is still a timeless treasure. She has grown from being my friend to the ‘grandma’ of my kids. Her energy is unequalled and she has a passionate heart for God. She is a strong warrior but also a soft and loving woman. Her versatility makes her as rare as precious stones and her beautiful heart would always inspire me. I will forever celebrate her and the world would watch her shine like the star that she is.

Chioma Emma-Nwachukwu

Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa, Central and West Africa (Anglo phone countries), Manager. President and Founder, Polished Pillars Foundation

Madam Nasa is Open minded and very objective. Supportive in every way, helping the needy and giving hope to the hopeless.
Ronke Lawson

Nasa is creative, resourceful and a true believer in African cultural heritage, she is accommodating and passionate.
Barry Akpan

I have known Nasa for over ten years now. Chinasa is a combination of many figures lumped into one. From being an affectionate woman of God and lover of children and nature to a strong believer in African/Nigerian traditions in the areas of fashion, she is also an author, a song writer and performer as well as a vivacious presenter. I personally nicknamed her “Loolo” which means “Queen” – because she is one in her own right. Her passion for ethics and openness is well known to all staff – you practically know where Nasa, as she’s fondly called, would stand on any issue even before her consent was sought because she naturally follows the path of truth and justice. She seeks help with utmost humility and grace in areas and subjects outside of her own specialization and, when you seek her help in her own strong areas and subjects, she gives so generously that you would practically be the one to thankfully say “you’ve helped enough”. I cannot itemize in detail all her accomplishments and footprints in the sands of NIBSS Admin and Human Capital Development services but I’ll reflect on a few. Even though she’s not from a technology oriented background, Nasa took it upon herself within budget to ensure proper staff training in technology, operations, management and soft skills and always followed up with supervisors to be satisfied with the impact of training on the job. It was her positive stubbornness and love for “Africa” that culminated in our new dress culture at NIBSS – from conventional suits to varying beautiful and colorful smart African attires. We are now the envy of staff of many organizations in Nigeria who wish the same would one day be the case where they work. She also saw to it that her Human Capital Development services were transformed from the days of ‘all paper’ and manual work to near fully digital nowadays. She will be remembered for all these in addition to the new efficient and bias-proof Staff Appraisal System. While many people become progressively less active and productive as their career years go by the same cannot be said of Nasa. I have also observed the positive influence a good marriage can have in anyone’s life through her example; big kudos to the man behind her multiplied and heightened successes.  Nasa is a role model for youths especially young women in our society who ‘mis-think’ that the world is made for men as she has proven, both in her career, social and personal live, that indeed, the sky is not the limit but a mere spring-board for the girl child, and anyone for that matter, as long as focus is accompanied by the will to succeed with the fear of God as pivot.
Olugbenga Kayode

Sister is a strong woman who will not back down because of fear. What must be said must be said. You speak truth to power. When I saw you on stage at the Rock Cathedral telling over 10000 people why we should celebrate our “Africaness”, I said the strength of NASA has touched Pastor Paul. Above all, you are CONSISTENT and you OBVIOUSLY love God. A true inspiration to us.
Pastor Emiko Gula

Sister Chinasa is a no nonsense person whom I have known from a distance over 5 years but at a closer range for the past 2 years or so. She’s passionate about her Christian faith and looks for opportunities to share her belief with all. She’s careful about her dressing and encourages young women in particular to dress in ways that will bring respect to their person. She is not afraid to point out things that are wrong. Her entrepreneurship spirit is worth emulating.
Dr Ayo Harriman

Medical Director St Edmunds Eye clinic & Hospital Ltd. Surulere, St Edmunds Eye clinic & Hospital Ltd. Surulere

ADANNE AS GOD’S HAND MADE: Adanne is wonderfully and fearfully made by the Almighty God. She is without any disability, elegant and so beautiful, blessed with a sweet voice to sing to the Lord. ADANNE AS A CHRISTIAN: Adanne is a Christian that has Faith in whatever she does, she believes that with God it is very easy to get what she wants. She doesn’t play with her devotion time, having love for God. ADANNE AS A MOTHER: Adanne is a mother to many – especially teenagers who she is always willing to direct on how to make it in life, bringing out their careers to be known. ADANNE AS A WOMAN: As the bible described them to be weaker vessels, Adanne will always show that identity by being afraid whenever she hears gunshots very close to her house, she will wake everybody up to start praying without your voice being heard so that “they will not hear our voice and come to us”. ADANNE AS AN EDUCATIONIST: Adanne loves education more than anything and she wants everybody around her to be educated – of which I am a beneficiary, and that is what placed her so highly in life today. An author of many books and still ready to write more, in fact she deserves Ambassadorial Appointment from the Federal government of Nigeria. A GOAL GETTER. ADANNE AS AN ECONOMIST/BANKER: Adanne is an economist to the core and that makes me to cry because she forgot that their last boy is in the village with his family, she neither sends money to us nor give us at least a bag of rice every two months knowing that we need those things. Adanne gave me a training that I cannot forget while living with her. ADANNE WE THANK GOD FOR HAVING YOU AS OUR OWN ADANNE.