By faith I adhered to an instruction I received in a dream concerning my very first Visa interview with the British Embassy and I was given a Visa in a peculiar way. Let me hope that you will be encouraged with the full story.

I had gotten everything ready for my first Visa interview with the British Embassy. But while sleeping, I had a dream and saw myself at the embassy gate. The security man engaged me in a conversation. The conversation navigated towards my attire. He went straight to inform that I should not wear the attire I had prepared for the interview, rather to wear my striped trouser suit. He further told me that an elderly woman would interview me and cautioned me to relax and not show any anxiety when I get in. I took this to heart.

On the D-Day I dressed up as instructed and took a book to read as a way to show my relaxed mood. I got in to observe that there were many counters and only one was occupied by a woman, and she was elderly. I was shocked. I was careful to watch and see what will happen. I then got busy reading the book i had with me, only moving as the assigned numbers moved. Wow, my turn fell under the woman’s counter. This was incredible! This dialogue ensued,

Interviewer, the Elderly Woman: “What do you want to go to United Kingdom for?”

Me: For vacation.

Interviewer, the Elderly Woman: Why haven’t you been to UK before now?

Me: I didn’t have need to.

Interviewer, the Elderly Woman: Who will take care of your twins in your absence?

Me: My mother and my sister.

Interviewer, the Elderly Woman: How much do you want to travel with?

Me: Three thousand pounds (£3,000).

Interviewer, the Elderly Woman: Okay, you can pay for your Visa.

That was all! Just like that? My my my! I paid for my Visa!

People, when I collected my passport, it was stamped with a Visa. Glory to God. My Beauty and the lifter up of my head makes things easy. He’s Omniscient, He is willing to share vital information that will help us in life. He speaks through dreams. Obedience is important in our work with Him. You can pray to experience His promises in Joel 2:28-32 & Acts 2:17-18. SHALOM!


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