When life hits you with vicissitude don’t wallow in a pity party,  don’t maintain status quo, rise up,  shake off the beast and move on, being static or not moving is what can kill, ask the lepers. I am thankful that when it was necessary for me to move, I moved. You may look worthless to the world, but not so to God, the glorious LIGHT of God shines out of the cracks and our imperfections, it spills living water. God does the watering.  He is the light giver, the strength when we are weak.  He is the one that draws us up and carries us across the valleys of life.  In grief, in sorrow, in pain, in rejection, in loss, in offenses or in abuse.  He is always there, ready to pick up the pieces, put us back together again, and make us a worthy vessels to His glory! 

And I am thankful that my cracks, my imperfections are why God is made PERFECT.  He is made perfect in our weakness.

I employ all to reconcile with God by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. This is the only guarantee to living out your Destiny.